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Hard copies of My Journey from Silence to Solidarity (now in its second edition) are available for $7.00 (which includes shipping). Place your order by contacting the author at Roy Bourgeois, P. O. Box 3330, Columbus, GA 31903 or by contcting the editor at roybourgeoisjourney @ gmail.com. Price breaks for bulk orders are available.

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Thanks and Peace, Margaret Knapke, editor


What Readers Are Saying

  • From a letter from the Kootenay Region Branch of the United Nations Association in Canada: “We, members of KRUNA, are writing this letter of thanks and support for your long and faithful work for justice and peace, and, in particular, for your commitment to the struggle for women’s equality. We are convinced that peace in our world will only be possible when women are free to fully contribute their abilities, skills, knowledge, and wisdom to all aspects of society, and we are grateful that you have chosen to stand up for this, no matter the personal cost to yourself.”

  • "...I really appreciate the way that you keep poking at beehives and you continue to annoy people in power with words of truth. God doesn't marginalize people, whether they are poor or Black or female or living with a disability; only people do that...." A.

  • "This attractive booklet is a gem for nonviolent exposition and argument. When you look at the photos of Roy and the many people associated with him in his life struggles, you would ask: how is this man a threat to anyone's faith? The reader can judge. Here is a valiant witness for our day with respect to God, conscience, the Vatican, and country...." P.H.

  • "I enjoyed your booklet, an inspiring story of courage and grace. Many blessings for you and all who seek truth." J.D.


  • "Many of us probably know you best through being with you personally or being with you through prayer during SOA protests at Fort Benning each year. In the past several years we've come to appreciate your defense of conscience with regard to the ordination of women." M.M.

  • "Blessings and Peace to you as you continue on this journey of inclusion, equality, and hope for us all. The 'Church' as organization must always be of service to the Church as People of God -- who are always One, despite and through our differences. We are all priests, prophets, and leaders in Christ by Baptism -- a gift that no one can take away." J.S.

  • "Thank you for inspiring us to continue the struggle. As MLK said at the end of the March from Selma to Montgomery, 'No lie can live forever.' ...May we look forward to celebrating completion of the two endeavours that have occupied so much of your life: closing the SOA, and the liberation of women (as priests)." B.M.

  • "The picture of you with Catholic women demonstrating for ordination tells the whole story. Your book offers the details.... We desperately need WOMEN PRIESTS!" J.

  • "My own conviction is that the Church will eventually bow to pressure. Your will to continue the fight as long as the institution exists and maintains such a strong influence over so many lives is to be applauded and supported. Obviously, saying 'Don't back down!' would be as unnecessary as telling the sun to stop shining." C.N.

  • "My Journey from Silence to Solidarity got me thinking about the issue and today while at Mass I suddenly saw how male-dominated the altar was and what a pity that was. So you got me thinking about this, and I'd like to get others thinking about it as well." F.K.

  • "Thank you so much for the booklet. Wonderfully done. So many key events, vignettes, and quotes integrated masterfully. Lucid, compact, colorful prose. An immense amount of information in 43 pages. I read it cover to cover the evening it arrived." B.B.

  • "We marvel at the book's appearance just when the need for your witness and compassion is greater than ever." S. and A.

  • "It's a moving memoir that speaks of dissent as an honorable Catholic tradition." R.G.

  • "You outlined your journey so beautifully and made your case for the primacy of conscience and the ordination of women priests. Our Church is so in need of people of conscience. We try to do our best in a Church that is so out of touch with the People of God and so unprotecting of the most vulnerable." R.S. and M.S.

  • "It is a powerful testimony, authentic and from the heart." C.B.

  • “(We) think your book, small in size, huge in meaning, makes an excellent statement, and your personal story adds greatly to its power…. We have decided to give copies to our children and some friends. While most of them are not Catholics, the issues you raise of fairness, justice, equality, and having the gumption to follow one’s conscience are universal….” M.B.

  • “If I haven’t told you this before, I greatly appreciate your commitment to the primacy of conscience in seeking justice for Roman Catholic women called to the ordained priesthood, as well as for the victims of the School of the Americas. You’ve reminded all of us of the importance of conscience through the example of your courageous life. And I hope that your example will inspire others to follow the call of their conscience, and that this will once again become the model of Christian life.” G.V.W.

  • “I had the desire to be a priest as a little girl, and now at age 84 I am resigned to the fact that my dreams will never be fulfilled…. My only hope is that more of my brothers will join in solidarity with those of us who believe GOD was/is calling us to priesthood…. Our Church is limping along on one leg without the feminine perspective to round out our theology, Christology, ecclesiology, etc…. We have to learn not to be afraid of one another. We are brothers and sisters, not Fathers over Sisters….” Sr. M.N.

  • “What a gift you are! Your voice, because you have striven to live with such integrity and speak with such honesty and courage, is truly a light in our world.” D.W.

  • “Thank you for standing up for what is only right and just – equal treatment of women in the Catholic Church. As the mother of two daughters who have fallen away from the Church and of three granddaughters who will never know their true religious heritage, I am grateful. I am praying for you and for the Church.” M.A.C.

  • “Have they no conscience? Is there no level too low for Rome to stoop? They just don’t get it: We shall overcome!” D.N.

  • “We are appalled at Maryknoll and the Vatican for their actions against you. But we thank you deeply for what you have done. It helps to open up the conversation (at least among lay people) for the future…. Things are moving.” D.B.

  • “You will always be a priest to me! I want you to know that I join the throngs who support you at this time of suffering and abandonment by Maryknoll, as well as the Vatican…. O, men of the Church, where is your courage? The Erie Benedictines stood by Joan Chittister, and Rome backed down!” Sr. M.A.F.

  • “Our hope is in the working of the Holy Spirit. We pray daily for you and for the wonderful nuns who are being put through such nonsense from the Vatican.” J. and A.K.

  • “…I must add that the absence of priests in my life who have understood the struggles of women in the Church has been heartbreaking for me. Knowing you has given me comfort and hope.” A.B.

  • “My heart has been so saddened by the injustice you have suffered at the hands of institutions to which you have dedicated your life. I write to thank you for your integrity and solidarity. Your words and actions are prophetic indeed. You stand with with so many of the prophets who suffered persecution at the hands of the religious authorities.” Sr. I.M.

  • “For all your work, your strength, your perseverance, your caring for so many of us whom you will never know – thank you, and so many blessings for you, sorrow for what you have to go through, but knowledge of the gratefulness of so many.” P.O.

  • “I appreciate your witness for women. History will record that the same macho, brutal ideas that lead to torture and death also underlie the mistreatment of women. Your work counters that in profound and productive ways…. Mary Daly always reminded me that joy is crucial to our well-being. I wish you joy.” M.E.H.

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